McDonald’s ‘McHappy Day’

The brief was simple, to sign an ambassador that would drive awareness of McHappy Day via earned media and help fundraising.

We decided to go straight to Hollywood signing A-lister Naomi Watts, who had great alignment with the cause being from Australia anda family of her own.

With a new ambassador on board, we refreshed the campaign and excited media that ignited a halo effect, of local ambassador participation and fundraising.

Capturing Naomi’s visit via video news releases and owned content, McHappy day smashed their targets with a 20% increase in fundraising, raising over $4.8M.

The Ronald McDonald’s House reputation also rose from 18th to 6th as the most trusted charity in Australia with a recorded increase of 6.9% in reputation by News awareness.

Overall, the PR campaign reached 160 million, delivering 1,638 media outcomes; 253 of which were television and 689 unique (+38% on 2017 PR outcomes).